About Me

This is me.

I'm a wanderer, a curious cat.
My head is constantly in the clouds.
I think deep thoughts and dream big dreams.
I speak minimally - I find more importance in the impact of my words rather than the quantity of them.

I'm a truth seeker.
I'm intelligent and proud.
I'm quirky, nerdy and bold.
My beliefs are rooted into the core of my being, but am enthralled by any thoughts that make me think twice about my own.

I'm soft, yet powerful.
I'm independent and strong.
I'm a natural leader, always have been.
I'm a pillar of strength for those around me.
A beautiful example of a woman.

I care intensely and I care deeply.
I'm nurturing and thoughtful in nature.
I'm guarded, yet passionate and warm.
I'm like an fine glass of wine - I blossom slowly and get better over time.

This is me.
Perfectly imperfect.
Unique in my own way and different from the rest.
I'm like the wind, always moving and shifting.
An impactful human on a mission to change the whole world. 


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