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When you ask me who I am, this is what I have to say: 

I am a renaissance woman. I have many interests, and they're all important to me. I like everything from science to yoga. All of it plays a role in my life. All of it defines who I am.

I am a big dreamer. I am an environmentalist, advocate of sustainable living and a food activist. I am a yoga instructor. I am a music lover and a web designer. I am a lover of science and a truth seeker. I am constantly exploring the depths of my mind and developing new ways of thinking. I am open minded, but am not easily persuaded. I am powerful, intelligent and strong. But I am also feminine and soft. 

Most importantly of all I am a doer, a mover, a seeker, a creator. I believe the only constant in life is change, and it is my role as a leader to create positive change in the world. 

When I think about the world I want to live in I am extremely idealistic. I want to live in a world where the people within it live a more conscious existence. I want us all to realize that we are all connected, and push the human race forward in a positive way. I want us to grow our food in a sustainable way, realize the implications of our actions as people and as businesses and I want us to help heal the earth rather than hurt it. I want us to accept science and constantly push for a greater understanding of the world. I want the developments we make technologically to help mankind be better than it already is. And I also want people to stop hurting one another and live a life from a place of love rather than fear. It may seem like my vision of the world is impossible to obtain, but if we all push the same vision together, we can transform this idea into a reality.

When I was in college I decided to pursue a degree in human biology. At the time I believed that being a scientific researcher would be a perfect way for me to change the world and further the understanding of science. After spending over 4 years in a research lab, I decided that path was not for me. The regimented schedule and lack of connection with other people caused me to switch my path and pursue a different kind of career. I still received my degree in human biology, but I knew I couldn’t continue as a researcher any further. I knew that I needed to take a more creative path, and so my journey for a more aligned career path began. Eventually I settled on web development and design, creating balance between my creative and logical minds. This is the truth of my path, finding balance, and I hope to help spread that balance with you as well.

I discovered yoga in May 2014. When I started I thought, “I’ll get more flexible and hopefully become less clumsy!” And here I am a year later as a yoga instructor. I had no idea that yoga would have such a profound effect on my life, but I am forever thankful that it did. The peace that yoga has created within me is something I would not trade for the world. I am more conscious because of it and a happier human being in general. Plus, without yoga I would not have realized that it is up to me to create the change I want in the world, not wait for it to happen on its own. 

So here I am, open minded and ready. I am a mindful, global citizen on a mission to change the world. On my website you can expect to see posts about the following:
  • Eco Fashion
  • Ethical Food
  • Mindful Living
  • Music
  • Skincare
  • Spirituality
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Travel
  • Web Design
  • Yoga

With my background in science and my drive for a better future I am here to write, create, think and explore. I want to help you live a more mindful and sustainable life. I am excited for this journey and the path it is going to take me on. I hope that you are as well. 

By changing ourselves we change the world we live in. Together we can create the reality we see for ourselves, one small, curious step at a time.  


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