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THE Desert Oracle Deck


Made for the individuals who know there is more to life than meets the eye. They are seeking guidance from within, looking to tap into something deeper. The cards in this deck offer wisdom from Mother Earth, helping seekers connect to their intuition, their imagination, and to the magic of the world around them.


About Alex

Alex McGinness is a visual artist with a keen eye for other-worldly landscapes, cohesive color palettes, and two-dimensional narratives. Alex Changes the World is a visionary business that blends reality with fantasy to make the viewer feel like they’ve time traveled to a different dimension. Alex’s projects are meant to make her audience think, and awaken their intuition. She aspires to change the world through her art. She wants people to discover their creative spirit and explore the magic of their souls. Through this discovery, she hopes to make the world a better place, being a catalyst of change for those around her.

All the products Alex creates come from a place of deep inner-knowing and love. She hopes to align with the core values of art, spirit, creativity, learning, freedom, honesty, inspiration, community, integrity, and self.


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Custom Collages

Looking to be immortalized in a piece of surrealist art? Reach out for details about a custom collage piece. Each piece is uniquely designed with the commissioner in mind. Stand out from the crowd with a collage that will make you look like a legit badass!



I’ve been in love with Alex’s artwork since the light whipping community brought me to her page. And when I say, “in love,” I mean one of her masterpieces has been the background of my phone for well over a year now. When she told me she wanted to do an edit for me, I was of course excited for it...and she turned me into a piece of HER ART! I’m so honored and so in love with her edit of me. Her work is easily my favorite, and if you don’t believe me, check out her Zodiac edits (especially the Virgo one!) Her new oracle deck The Desert Oracle Deck is beyond beautiful as well. Her edit of me has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see where this talented woman goes. All I know is, I’ll be right here cheering her the fuck on.
— Lexi @lexinflexin
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